Solar Atmospheres of California (SCA) added additional large furnace capacity to its inventory of vacuum equipment. The furnace was specifically designed to process a variety of materials that require optimum performance during controlled heating, controlled cooling, vacuum processing, positive-pressure processing and differential-pressure processing. The furnace includes an 84-inch-diameter x 144-inch-long graphite and CFC hot zone. It has a maximum operating temperature of 2650°F, temperature uniformity ±10°F and a maximum load of 50,000 pounds.

The furnace also includes dual 35-inch diffusion pumping systems capable of mid 10-6 Torr range, a 2-bar 800-HP cooling system and the SolarVac Polaris electrical control system.

SCA works closely with sister company, Solar Manufacturing, to design and fabricate equipment to provide repeatable, mistake-proof processing while meeting all prime requirements and AMS 2750. According to SCA, the furnace will bolster its position as a heat-treat provider on the West Coast.