Taylor-Winfield Technologies (TWT), a metal joining solutions providers, announced the opening of its fully equipped laser coil joining research-and-development laboratory in Youngstown, Ohio. The lab is an extension of the company’s existing full-service metal joining and induction heat-treatment laboratory. The laser laboratory is equipped with a full-width 1,930-mm coil joining solid-state fiber laser welder with induction pre- and post-weld heat treatment. It is available for customer sampling and proof-of-process validation for the application of laser coil joining in a process line.

TWT also announced the successful design completion of its new Eclipse X1 laser welding system for coil joining applications. After surveying steel producers and collaborating with industry experts, the system has design features that help overcome the typical welding challenges of strip shape variability, automatic feedback for weld quality and ease of installation. The welder is designed and built in Youngstown.