Solar Atmospheres of Western PA entered a five-year partnering agreement with energy storage company HI-POWER, a Holtec International and Eos Energy Storage joint venture. HI-POWER builds a safe and fully integrated DC storage battery, Znyth, which is especially stable when housed in extreme temperatures, nonflammable and 100% recyclable. One of the critical components within the battery system requires a vacuum cathodic heat-treatment process. This newly developed surface heat-treatment process enables the product to last 5,000 cycles for a 15-year calendar life with no sub-cooling or pumps required.

Solar and HI-POWER engineers worked together to develop the vacuum cathodic heat treatment needed to meet the stringent specifications. Solar Atmospheres of Western PA is currently processing thousands of components. According to HI-POWER, this battery technology is the most efficient non-lithium, long-duration energy storage solution.

HI-POWER had previously used a small hot-wall furnace before turning to Solar’s large vacuum furnace.