It’s been almost 100 years since Bennett Heat Treating and Brazing Co. first opened its doors.

Based in Newark, N.J., the company was established in 1923 by Wilbur Bennett, a one-armed blacksmith. The commercial heat treater and longtime MTI member really took off – and became a family affair – in 1954 when Anthony Quaglia purchased the business.

Since the day Anthony bought it, Bennett has been performing aerospace heat-treating and brazing services for most major aircraft and defense companies. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Anthony’s son David Quaglia restructured the company to adjust to the current manufacturing climate. He consolidated some processes and focused on higher-quality work. David also assembled an efficient team and rolled up his sleeves to keep costs down.

In 2007, David’s son, John Quaglia, came on board as quality manager and pushed the envelope further with technological advancements and efficiencies geared at meeting stringent specifications and customer requirements more easily. In 2017 after David’s sudden passing, John took the helm. He has since assembled a robust management team full of veteran and up-and-coming talent to ensure Bennett’s continued success.

Bennett has a wide range of capabilities and offers a variety of thermal processes, but its primary goal is to ensure all products meet the customer’s quality and delivery requirements. The number of services available under one roof allows the company to service all customer needs and eliminates the need for multiple sources.

One area that Bennett focuses its efforts on is proper control. Whether it is temperature, vacuum level, carbon potential or ammonia dissociation rate, the company controls every variable to ensure a consistent outcome. Modern controllers, electronic data acquisition and PLC controls are now the standard.

In addition to heat-treatment and brazing, one of Bennett’s specialties is induction hardening. With over 75 years of experience in achieving tight case-depth patterns and other unique requirements, the heat treater has truly refined the process. While most tooling is made in-house on a job-by-job basis, partnering with induction tooling specialists has enabled the company to achieve a level of consistency and efficiency that was previously unattainable. Another process that separates Bennett from the competition is its ability to perform high-temperature water quenching.

Bennett has been busy over the past couple of years. The company instituted an aggressive reinvestment program to add capacity and update equipment. It installed an automated aluminum quick-quench furnace capable of quenching 3,000 pounds of material between 6-13 seconds, a new Ipsen vacuum furnace and a new neutral salt furnace. Bennett also updated the lighting in both of its facilities to all LED.

As for the future, Bennett plans to continue to refine and support its operations with the goal of being the most comprehensive, quality-oriented and dependable heat-treating operation in the United States. New equipment acquisitions for efficiency and capacity will certainly be a part of this plan. As John’s children, Anthony (6) and Abigail (4), are showing up to work already, Bennett is looking forward to its 100th anniversary and continued success through a fourth generation of family ownership.

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