Alugen Aluminium, a Turkish aluminum extrusion company, expanded its production capabilities with a Nitrex NXK series nitriding system. The turnkey system was delivered with Nitreg potential-controlled gas nitriding and Nitreg-C potential-controlled gas nitrocarburizing technologies. Process recipes are optimized to improve the performance of aluminum extrusion dies and increase throughput. The service life of dies is also extended through periodic nitriding, which helps to control the high heat and impact pressure that dies undergo during extrusion cycles. With a work area of 23.5 x 47.25 inches (600 x 1,200 mm) and a load capacity of 1,700 pounds (800 kg), the NXK system allows Alugen to mix special dies with regular production dies for a faster turnaround of product-specific production plans.

According to Nitrex, the system will allow Alugen to independently control the entire manufacturing process on-site from end-to-end and ensure that extruded products are delivered to customers faster and with consistent quality. Alugen distributes its range of aluminum profiles to the construction market and other sectors throughout Europe.