Rio Tinto and Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, formed a global partnership to deliver a new standard of sustainable aluminum cans. The companies are committed to bring AB InBev products to market in cans made from low-carbon aluminum that meets industry-leading sustainability standards.

Initially focused in North America, the partnership will see AB InBev use Rio Tinto’s low-carbon aluminum made with renewable hydropower along with recycled content to produce a more sustainable beer can. This will offer a potential reduction in carbon emissions of more than 30% per can compared to similar cans produced today using traditional manufacturing techniques in North America. The first 1 million cans produced through the partnership will be piloted in the United States on Michelob ULTRA.

The partnership will also leverage outcomes from the development of ELYSIS, a disruptive zero-carbon aluminum smelting technology.