Ipsen delivered a vacuum furnace specially designed for carburizing and solution nitriding to Vacu Braze, a specialty commercial heat-treating facility in Quakertown, Pa. Vacu Braze uses the furnace to harden steels with Ipsen’s patented SolNit (solution nitriding) process. The SolNit process increases surface hardness and improves resistance against wear, erosion and cavitation. Parts treated in Ipsen’s Turbo2Treater range from surgical instruments to household appliances.

With high-speed, high-pressure internal gas quenching, the Turbo2Treater helps minimize part distortion and enhance part quality. It can also adapt to a wide range of materials, geometries and load types. Vacu Braze also uses Ipsen’s aftermarket resources, including spare parts, controls upgrades, replacements and retrofits.