With our diverse editorial coverage, there are a number of associations in our industry. I personally belong to APMI International (MPIF) for powder metals and additive manufacturing as well as AIST (Association for Iron & Steel Technology). That’s in addition to IHEA and MTI, of course.

MPIF recently announced the winners of its 2020 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition. Awards cover three industries – automotive, consumer goods and special technologies – but each segment also contains various category breakdowns. Let’s take a look at the grand-prize winners for just the automotive categories.

Automotive includes Engine and Transmission, and these can break down into the process type (e.g., conventional PM and MIM), depending on what is submitted for consideration. This year, the grand-prize winner for Automotive in the Engine Category for Conventional PM has been awarded to Porite Taiwan Co. Ltd. and its customer Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG for a VVT sprocket used in a new-generation E-VVT design that integrates a sprocket with the stator.

In the Transmission category for Conventional PM, the grand prize was awarded to PMG Indiana Corporation for a torque-converter one-way clutch stator assembly used in an 8-speed transmission made for FCA US LLC. In the locked position, this part is subjected to a 350 Nm torque. In this category for MIM, Phillips-Medisize won for an actuator arm supplied to Means Industries and used in a 9-speed-forward transmission assembly for General Motors and Ford Motor Company. 

I know that some of you are members of our primary industry associations – Metal Treating Institute (MTI) and Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA). With a virtual version of Furnaces North America (FNA)  just around the corner, it seemed like a good opportunity to consider association advantages.


Metal Treating Institute (MTI)

FNA 2020 has gone virtual, which presents some new opportunities for companies wanting employees to participate in all that FNA has to offer. Check out the website (www.furnacesnorthamerica.com) to see how a virtual FNA offers opportunities for your staff to attend this educational event. It’s not too late to register!

MTI’s early roots go back more than 100 years to 1913, but the name became MTI in 1933. From the website, “The membership (in four categories) has expanded worldwide and includes commercial heat treaters, manufacturers with in-house heat-treat operations and suppliers that provide products and services to the industry. MTI is active in government advocacy and technical standards, conducts national and regional educational networking conferences and produces the Furnaces North America business expo every-other year.”

MTI has several training opportunities throughout the year, including the popular YES Management Training. Certificate programs are offered in: Qualified Furnace Operator, Heat Treat Technical Specialist, Heat Treat Specialist and Heat Treat Management Specialist.

MTI also participates with Industrial Heating in the Commercial Heat Treater of the Year award, which is presented at the fall meeting.


Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA)

IHEA’s website describes themselves as the “industry’s leading trade association representing designers and manufacturers of industrial heating equipment and related supplies and services. IHEA focuses on driving its members’ success by providing the knowledge base and authoritative voice for industrial heat processing.”

Not sure how COVID will affect things moving forward, but IHEA typically has a fall gathering for committees (six total) in addition to their annual meeting in the spring. If you think IHEA membership is right for you, check out www.IHEA.org for the five different membership options, and contact them to see how you can be involved.