Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. designed, built and delivered a mesh-belt heat-treatment furnace line to Gallos Metal Solutions of Milwaukee, Wis. The continuous atmosphere system will be used primarily for demanding processing, including carbonitriding and carburizing, while allowing for neutral heat treatment with a production capacity up to 4,000 pounds/hour. This high-capacity furnace line is part of Gallos’ expansion and modernization project, which has more than doubled the existing plant square footage, increased capacity and added automation.

The custom system allows for an increase in usable hearth area to provide high-volume processing when running products requiring carbon diffusion and lighter belt loading. The line includes: a computerized, automated bin-dumping and vibratory part-feeder system; dunk and spray prewasher; protective atmosphere-controlled mesh-belt hardening system; oil quench; dunk and spray post-wash; system; forced recirculation temper furnace; and Can-Eng’s PET Level 2 SCADA system. By integrating Level 2 automation, Gallos can provide access to tracking of product status, detailed process data for continuous process improvements, comprehensive equipment diagnostics, cost analysis and inventory management.

This will be the fourth Can-Eng mesh-belt furnace line to be in operation at this facility. Gallos Metal Solutions specializes in continuous mesh-belt atmosphere heat-treating services and is capable of processing large volumes of small parts requiring uniform case depths and hardness.