Wisconsin Oven received an order for a standard draw batch (SDB) oven from a manufacturer of aerospace products. The electrically heated oven, which has been shipped, will be used for processing parts in a reduced-oxygen atmosphere utilizing nitrogen. The oven has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 1400°F (760°C), and it has the capability to operate at 230°F (110°C) above ambient. The qualified work-zone dimensions are 24 inches wide x 24 inches high x 48 inches deep, and the overall chamber dimensions are 36 inches wide x 36 inches high x 60 inches deep.

The walls and ceiling feature “CAN”-style construction with heavy plate exterior (0.5-inch-thick oven front) and include 4 inches of ceramic blanket backed with 4 inches of 6-pound-density, industrial-board-style insulation. The interior ductwork and liner utilize 18-gauge 309 stainless steel. The oven’s TUS-qualified temperature range is 800-1400°F.