Otto Junker GmbH delivered a pusher furnace for heating and homogenizing aluminum ingot to Logan Aluminum Inc. in Russellville, Ky. Logan Aluminum manufactures flat-rolled aluminum sheet primarily used in the beverage market. In an effort to expand production, the company now operates the largest ingot furnace Otto Junker has ever supplied. The gas-fired furnace can simultaneously hold 32 ingots weighing up to 32 metric tons each, resulting in a charge weight of over 1,000 metric tons. High-convection technology ensures fast heating and cooling with short cycle times and low energy consumption.

 Otto Junker’s scope of delivery also included machinery for charging and discharging the ingots and a gantry crane and mobile roller table as a connection to the existing rolling-mill feed table. Used to transport the ingots one by one through the furnace, the skid system is made of a number of cast parts manufactured in Otto Junker’s own stainless steel foundry.