Ipsen, to ensure it properly addresses the market needs of current and future customers, is establishing Technology Excellence Centers in Germany and the United States while further strengthening its offerings. The company’s equipment manufacturing business will be driven by an Atmosphere Technology Excellence Center in Kleve, Germany, and a Vacuum Technology Excellence Center near Rockford, Ill. This focus into one field of technology will enable faster-paced innovation and quicker response times.

As a result of this change, new furnace equipment will be manufactured at fewer locations around the world with a focus on specialization. The Ipsen Germany location will exclusively build atmosphere batch and continuous systems, and the U.S. site will exclusively build all types of vacuum furnaces. In addition, Ipsen India will continue to build atmosphere furnaces for the India and Southeast Asia markets. Ipsen’s China and Japan locations will no longer manufacture new furnaces and will focus on customer service and the sale of new equipment from the two Excellence Centers.

Sales, service and support teams will remain local in each region. Activities such as upgrades, local inventory of parts and service will continue to be fully supported on a local basis.