Insulating castable refractories Plicast LWI 24 HS and aluminum-resistant Plicast Al-Tuff LWI 24 HS are both a safe choice for lightweight refractory linings inside high-temperature furnaces, incinerators boilers. Used in thermal environments up to 2400°F, these materials have low shrinkage and a low thermal-conductivity rating. They are suited for refractory backup linings and producing lightweight precast shapes in applications where weight is a factor. Plicast LWI 24 HS and the Al-Tuff aluminum-resistant version possess exceptionally high strength in conjunction with low density. When compared to traditional lightweight refractories, these materials offer an impressive 200% more in cold crushing strength. The castables increased strength does not affect its density, which is maintained at a noteworthy 80 pounds per cubic foot. The high strength exhibited in these materials help maximize the life of heating equipment and maintain the integrity of any precast shape.