I often say my lifelong job has been to “watch government(s) and report how they screw things up.” Abraham Lincoln said, “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution.”

Now both Congress and Executive branch agencies are failing in their jobs and have become control freaks. America has a big-time problem, which has been growing significantly over the past several decades, and it needs to be discussed. Some may call this matter lobbying, news reporting or failure to perform, but it really is bribery, incompetence and corruption that has become common – if not prevalent – in society and all levels of government.  

The public does not know or realize the extent of government controls exercised by some who want America changed to a non-democracy. Here are some examples. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, roundly criticized for “controlling lockdown procedures” during the current health crisis, previously worked for George Soros. (If you don’t know his credentials, just Google his name.) Congressman Adam Schiff’s sister is married to Soros’ son. California Governor Gavin Newsom is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, and he is beholden to her. And the presidents of ABC, CBS and CNN are all former Obama administration officials or Hillary Clinton employees, as are various NBC and MSNBC managers. The truth is that much of the news-reporting establishment is controlled and managed by looney-tunes that do not have American citizen’s best interests on their agenda. 

The worldwide health crisis has exacerbated these problems and, in my view, made them more severe. From Feb. 1 through May 21, federals issued 77 edicts on what the public can or must do in daily life. The list of state actions, when each is summarized into a short paragraph, consumes 209 pages of printed “stuff.” Who knows how many reams of paper it would take to list all the local government instructions on what to do and what not do?

Because of the frequent arbitrariness and lack of common sense in issued edicts, the citizenry’s confidence in the value of government management rules has waned and, in some cases, passed well beyond into disobedience. Correctly, the public does not accept the fact that the food store can stay open but not the barber shop and that I am not allowed to row my canoe on the park pond or take a solo walk of the forest trail. The public balks at the lack of common sense displayed by government control freaks. John Q. Public especially balks when bureaucrats say that there will be no church gatherings “until we say so.” 

This is all very important to readers who know best about how to operate their business activities and without the (often incompetent) control freaks injecting their views into worlds they often know little about. The thought of mixing politically inspired operational decisions on a private operating business should take away your breath.  

My view is that a large portion of the public is incomplete in their education of how government really works. Citizens should have an understanding of the responsibilities of each tier of government and how each should function. It is truly essential that the public understand who is “pulling the strings” at each government level. In general, citizens are unaware of these matters and why it is important to hold individuals who work at whatever level of government accountable for what they do. John Q. Public does not seem to understand this and in a way that makes the coming societal collapse that I predict is fast approaching obvious.  

The current national health problems associated with this Chinese-origin virus are not good, but it is not nearly as much of a problem as the influenza epidemic of 100 years ago. Today’s issues are not good for the nation, but the future is bleak when you consider what can result from how the coronavirus pandemic is being mishandled by government.