July is always our annual Buyers Guide issue. This year is no different. 2020, however, marks a somewhat significant milestone – albeit a personal one.

I was hired as Industrial Heating’s associate editor 14 years ago in July 2006. My first issue was the Buyers Guide, which was a bit overwhelming at the time. I was coming off a stint as a newspaper reporter, so while I was more than familiar with the journalism part of the job, the world of thermal processing was completely foreign. I knew as much about heat treatment as I did brain surgery.

Thanks mostly to Managing Editor/Associate Publisher Reed Miller, I adapted to my new role and learned enough on the fly to become a competent editor for the international journal of thermal processing (at least I’d like to think so). But a whole lot has changed in the almost decade-and-a-half since I started. Where do I even begin?

For starters, there were no videos or podcasts on our website in 2006, and Industrial Heating did not have a social-media presence. Today, we regularly update our video page with industry-related content (www.industrialheating.com/videos), and we currently have three podcasts to choose from. Check out IH Monthly Rx, Interviewing the Author and Vacuum Heat Treat Minute at www.industrialheating.com/podcasts. As for social media, we’re active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Get connected at www.industrialheating.com/connect.

Our website did not have a dedicated blog section 14 years ago, but The Experts Speak has been going strong since mid-2008. Our roster of industry experts is impressive: Dan Herring – heat treatment; Dan Kay – brazing; David Pye –
metallurgy; Debbie Aliya – failure analysis; and Thomas Joseph – intellectual property. Visit www.industrialheating.com/experts to see for yourself.

Industrial Heating did not offer webinars back in 2006. Did they even exist back then? Today, however, is a much different story. We have hosted four webinars so far this year – all of which are available for free at www.industrialheating.com/webinars. Topics covered include IR temperature measurement, furnace safety, grain-size measurement and hardening.

Industrial Heating turned into a book publisher since the time I was hired. We’ve put out five over the years: two volumes of Vacuum Heat Treatment and two volumes of Atmosphere Heat Treatment (all written by Dan Herring) and Miller’s Everyday Metallurgy. They’re available for purchase via our online bookstore at www.industrialheating.com/bookstore.

Our most recent change just occurred. Industrial Heating now boasts the Thermal Processing Continuing Education Center, which offers industry professionals a way to earn free PDHs and CEUs while expanding their knowledge and expertise. Check out our newest feature at thermalcenter.bnpmedia.com.

This very Buyers Guide was not available online when I started, but it has come a very long way since then. Visit www.industrialheating.com/buyersguide to locate equipment suppliers for furnaces and ovens; components and supplies; controls, instrumentation and testing equipment; refractories and insulation; thermal-processing services; and more.

As Industrial Heating begins its transition from a print magazine to a digital-only format after this issue, I ask you to look at all the positive changes we’ve made over the past 14 years. It’s been quite a ride since 2006 – one that I’m glad I was on.