Industrial Heating, in cooperation with the Metal Treating Institute and the MTI Educational Foundation, invites you to nominate an MTI member company for the 2020 Commercial Heat Treater of the Year award. Applications must be received no later than July 31, 2020.   

You can nominate any company you feel is qualified – including your own if you are a commercial heat treater. This award will be given to the MTI commercial heat treater that demonstrates they are “making a positive impact on their community and their industry.” Officially called the Master Craftsman award, it will be presented at the 2020 Fall Meeting Awards Dinner at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Louisville the evening of October 2 and is based on the following criteria:

  • Quality Programs: Documenting the steps taken to establish a comprehensive quality program. The applicant will give specific examples of the programs in place, certifications already granted and how the programs have improved their business.
  • Pollution/Hazardous Waste Control: Specifying the steps taken to minimize the effect of possible pollution or hazardous waste, whether through the purchase of equipment or through internal programs. A specific list of steps taken should be submitted.
  • Community Involvement/Leadership: Outlining the efforts taken to contribute to the surrounding community. The contribution can include volunteer, educational or financial efforts.

The winner will receive a professionally designed plaque along with a minimum $3,000 donation, split between Industrial Heating and the MTI Educational Foundation, to be presented as a scholarship to a high school senior or college student pursuing a college degree in materials science or an apprentice program in heat treating.  A press release profiling the winning company and scholarship recipient will be published in Industrial Heating.

You can nominate your company or another company by clicking here. You will have the option to upload a separate document with your submission.  If you are nominating another company, tell us what you know about them and we'll follow up. If you are nominating your own company, please complete the application as thoroughly as possible.