Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. received the final acceptance certificate from Indian steelmaker SAIL for a roller-hearth plate quench-and-temper system. It is designed to heat treat a wide range of plates from 0.25-4.0 inches (6-100 mm) thick x 118 inches (3,000 mm) wide up to 42.5 feet (13 meters) long in a variety of grades for commercial and non-commercial applications. With an overall line length of 400 feet (122 meters) and a restrained roller spray quench at the heart of the system, the heat-treatment process results in true flat plates with metallurgical properties that exceed contractual requirements. The auto-recuperative radiant-tube-fired atmosphere roller-hearth hardening furnace and direct-fired temper furnace run off coke-oven gas (COG), a byproduct of the steelmaking process. 

With five integrated steel plants and three special steel plants in India, SAIL is the 20th largest steelmaker in the world with 70,000 employees producing 16 million metric tons per year. The Rourkela site, which will take delivery of this system, has undergone significant investments in the past decade that include new blast-furnace ironmaking, continuous-casting and hot-strip rolling plants. The plate quench-and-temper system will replace a Soviet-era oil quench-and-temper unit.