Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems shipped a custom-built atmosphere tempering furnace to a manufacturer in the aerospace market with captive heat-treating capabilities. With a work-load size of 84 inches wide x 42 inches deep x and 60 inches tall, coupled with a maximum load weight of 6,000 pounds, the furnace is specifically designed for the company’s manufactured components. The electrically heated furnace has an operating temperature range of 350-1600°F and passes uniformity at +/-10°F per AMS 2750E. The system is equipped with Eurotherm temperature-controlling instrumentation and an Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI. 

Automatic atmosphere control is included for running under nitrogen, argon and/or a hydrogen blend. Custom-designed atmosphere cooling systems were installed to reduce overall cycle time. The equipment configuration also enabled the customer to switch from pit-style furnace processing, which eliminated infrastructure costs and maintenance concerns.