OAO Belaz, a Belarusian dump-truck manufacturer ordered an electric roller furnace for the heat treatment of large bearing rings. The furnace is designed to heat treat bearing rings with a diameter of 980-1,180 mm. These rings are used in the production of dump trucks used in the mining industry. The entire line, which will be supplied by SECO/WARWICK, includes: a transport system with a set of manipulators, an electric roller furnace, a hardening press with matrix instrumentation and a control system with data visualization and archiving.

In related news, a heat-exchanger manufacturer based in India ordered a three-chamber vacuum furnace. SECO/WARWICK’s CaseMaster Evolution (CMe), with vacuum loading and cooling chambers, delivers economical surface hardening using low-pressure carburizing (LPC) technology and high-pressure nitrogen quenching. The company will use it to increase production volume of its heat exchangers.