We have learned in modern physics that only 4% of energy in the universe is what we know – electricity, magnetism, gravity and light, for example – and the other 96% in all creation is “dark energy” (68%) and “dark matter” (27%). We now know that subatomic particles such as protons and neutrons are composed of quarks and sub-quarks (and whatever), but we have no access to this world held together and operated by dark energy. Goggle “dark energy,” and boggle your mind.

This all came to my attention when I was introduced to Dr. Yury Kronn, a physicist who has studied this subtle energy, where to find it, how to capture it, how to store and use it, and what can be obtained as useful results. He has done this to enhance medical objectives quite successfully.

Kronn has developed what he calls Vital Force Technology, which is capable of generating various subtle-energy patterns and precisely copying the energy pattern of any substance. Patterns created this way are recorded for permanent storage and then used in a system that infuses these patterns into almost any carrier substance, such as water and trace-mineral solutions.

Furthermore, he has found specific energies to aid in preferred medical outcomes and offers such products to the public through mail order. This topic is available for your perusal and edification at www.vitalforcetechnology.com and www.energytoolsint.com. All of this must have good force and effect because I asked several physicians (oncologists, radiologists) and their immediate and vociferous responses of “I don’t want to talk about it” sent me a clear message that there must be a lot of truth in this subtle-energy scenario.

I surmise that the medical community of doctors and pharmacology producers are adamant in forcing this whole matter off their turf, if you know what I mean.

All this new technology is fascinating, and there is a world of information and application to be defined and implemented. Health applications make a lot of sense as a place to start, but use in ways of direct interest to readers of this journal needs a look too. Based on my inquiry, Kronn stated that he has explored injecting or infusing subtle energy (SE) into inorganics such as metals.

Kronn found that titanium, gold, copper and bronze retain infused energy for years. He defined the best “infusers” for injecting SE into various materials, and he has also discovered that nothing dissipates SE while stored and that ceramics can work very well as storage vessels. Kronn found that plants, such as those grown by agricultural producers of all nations, can be significantly enhanced in growth rate and output, so it might be a good idea to store SE in ceramic filters and attach them to irrigation water feeds.

I suggest that interested readers research background material and initiate contact with Kronn via email at yury@energytoolsint.com. With some thought and exploration, it is likely that various SE uses and means to make and test them can be defined by and for readers and their manufactured product. Industrial partners would be asked to enter into non-disclosure agreements and may be asked to make capital investments into the test and demonstration phases of concept development.

The world out there is open. This is not an unknown technology, but it is a lesser-known one that only exists in a few unrelated fields of application. All of this is described here to capture your curiosity. That one use mentioned is a valid one – enhancing water used in agricultural irrigation – and this application is currently not being pursued. There must be a plethora of other beneficial uses and associated business opportunities out there.

It takes some imagination, common sense and persistence to convert an idea into reality; and do it all the right way so that it is a success and worth doing. Why do you think I am telling you all this? Do something!