Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) is working with hospitals to prove the efficacy of its Gruenberg product line for dry heat sterilization on PPE and N95 masks for reuse. Tests at a research hospital show positive results in the dry heat sterilization of masks, face shields, gowns and other PPE, with minimal deterioration of the material. During the process, masks were heated to a specified temperature for a calculated period of time that resulted in sterilization of the material. After the sterilization process, fit tests were performed on the masks that passed filtration efficacy, structural integrity and mask fit.

The Gruenberg sterilizers utilize convection airflow and dry heat for the process. Heat is absorbed by the item being sterilized for a period of time until it reaches the proper temperature needed to destroy microorganisms and achieve sterilization. A large, truck-in unit is estimated to have the capacity to sterilize 15,000-18,000 masks per day based on a cycle time of approximately one hour.