How you interact with Industrial Heating may affect your awareness of resources available to you. Do you only read the print magazine? If so, there is a world of additional information available on our website and through our newsletters.

In addition to the technical articles in print, we also post regular articles as online exclusives. A recent online-only feature was our 2019 Feature Article Bibliography, which provides a list of every article in 2019 sorted by month and by topic. As an example, you can quickly find all of the additive-manufacturing articles from 2019.

 Another recent (and interesting) online exclusive was “Most Popular Articles of 2019.” You can search this on the website. A list of the top-10 most-popular articles are provided with a link to each. Curious? The list was actually quite diverse. Articles included everything from the graphite-electrode market to additive manufacturing and ferrous to nonferrous.

Speaking of topics, you can locate articles by a specific topic using the search feature at the top of our website home page ( A search for “vacuum nitriding,” for example, resulted in 384 results with 201 of those being articles. Coincidentally, one of March’s articles is all about nitriding.

There is another way to search for what you need – searchable directories. On the top banner, engage the “Directories” dropdown. You can see the four options. In addition, there is an option for “Take a Tour” to introduce you to the directory resources. One of these is pertinent to this month – the Commercial Heat Treat Capabilities directory. The other three are the Buyers Guide, Aftermarket Parts & Services and Materials Characterization & Testing Equipment.

Another web-only feature is The Experts Speak blog. Topics include heat treating, failure analysis, brazing, intellectual property and metallurgy. Did you know we have been offering this resource for 12 years! There’s a lot of good information available on these blogs, which are updated weekly.

Videos can also be found on our website. The easiest way would be to use the “Multimedia” dropdown list and click on “Videos.” You will then see a list of the most recent videos as well as the most popular. Several videos cover additive manufacturing if that is your interest.

Do you only engage with us through the website? If so, you are missing some things only available in our print magazine. In this month’s issue, you will find great content in our feature articles. Readers tell us that they want to read more about additive manufacturing. If you would like to read the magazine without holding it in your hands, check it out in the digital form. You can find the Digital Edition on the “Magazine” dropdown list.

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