Otto Junker received an order for two continuous annealing lines with strip-flotation furnaces for copper strip from Ningbo Powerway New Material Co. Ltd. of Ningbo, China. The company produces alloy bars and wires as well as alloy plates and strips. The core of each annealing line is a gas-fired strip-flotation furnace. The metal strip is supported only by a cushion of protective atmosphere of nitrogen and hydrogen, without any mechanical contact, as it passes through the annealing and cooling cycle. The furnace, which was developed in close cooperation with the Technical University of Aachen, provides uniform heat transfer across the strip width for consistently high product quality.

Both lines are rated for strip widths up to 650 mm and strip thicknesses of 0.1-1.2 mm and 0.05-0.8 mm, respectively. Each line can run at up to 120 meters/minute in continuous service.

High-performance alloy material developed by Powerway is used in the aerospace, telecommunication, shipbuilding, automotive and electronic instrumentation industries.