Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems recently commissioned a precision gas nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) furnace for a commercial heat-treating company located in the Midwest. The furnace is capable of processing workloads that are 48 inches wide x 72 inches long x 40 inches high and weigh up to 7,000 pounds. It utilizes Super Systems Inc. controls for automatic KN and KC control to AMS 2759/10 and 2759/12 specifications. The furnace is designed to meet AMS 2750E as a Class 2 furnace, which allows it to be used to perform nitrogen tempering and stress relieving.

For cycle-time improvements and consistent process control, the furnace is equipped with a vacuum pump for purging processes, pre- and post-oxidation capabilities, and accelerated air and atmosphere cooling systems.

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems has locations in Plymouth, Mich.; Cranston, R.I.; and St. Marys, Pa.