Otto Junker received an order from Universal Alloy Corp. (UAC), a supplier of hard alloy extrusions, for an induction furnace with overhead cross conveyor for a new location in Baia Mare, Romania. The facility will produce extruded aluminum tubes and titanium profiles for the aerospace industry. In addition to high-temperature tolerance, the billet heater is characterized by its energy-saving design. The billet is transported in front of the furnace by an overhead manipulator and in the furnace by a trough conveyor system. In this way, damages and scratches to the billet are effectively avoided as is any aluminum abrasion that can adhere to the furnace and cause problems.

The division of the single-billet heater into several independently controllable zones ensures an optimum temperature gradient for isothermal extrusion. The system is connected to an Otto Junker IGBT converter. Otto Junker delivered the induction furnace at the end of 2019, and commissioning is scheduled for the beginning of 2020.