QuesTek Innovations LLC and the German Aerospace Center, in a joint effort, will explore the full potential of QuesTek’s new printable aluminum (Al) alloy, which was developed for additive manufacturing (AM). The alloy is capable of high-strength performance at elevated temperatures (200-300°C/392-572°F) in the as-built condition. It is believed to be the first powdered AI material to meet those requirements without the need for subsequent heat treatment. The alloy will enable the printing of lighter-weight precision components not currently possible with traditional manufacturing methods, including heat exchangers or other components requiring internal cooling channels.

Because of the high-temperature strength of printed components using QuesTek’s alloy, it will also be possible to reduce weight in parts that currently must be made from titanium. In an effort to explore the full potential of the printable Al alloy, Evanston, Ill.-based QuesTek will collaborate with the German Aerospace Center, which will print demonstration components of their design for aerospace applications and prepare a performance brief for European aerospace manufacturers.