Otto Fuchs ordered a melting furnace and two tiltable holding and casting furnaces from Hertwich Engineering, a company of SMS group. The melting furnace, the fifth at Otto Fuchs’ facility in Meinerzhagen, Germany, will have a capacity of 7.7 tons per hour. The two casting furnaces are designed for a capacity of 20 tons. The melting furnace, the largest at Otto Fuchs, combines scrap preheating and submersion melting of cleaned scrap in one compact unit. The entire furnace process is fully automated by a measurement and control system.

The two holding and casting furnaces will be placed in the casthouse. The molten metal will be transferred from the Ecomelt melting furnace to one of these furnaces for possible re-alloying. Finally, the melt will be transferred via a casting launder to the casting machine, as needed. Both of these furnaces will be hydraulically tiltable. This arrangement ensures a continuous casting operation and reduces downtime for alloy change.

Otto Fuchs supplies high-quality semi-finished products (forgings, extrusion products and rolled rings made of aluminum or other metals). The company’s forged products are used in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.