Nitrex Metal entered into an exclusive agreement with Voestalpine AG to bring new innovations in stainless steel hardening technologies to the Czech Republic. As a result of the agreement, Voestalpine added a nitriding system configured to process workloads 31.5 inches in diameter x 78.75 inches high (800 mm x 2,000 mm) that weigh up to 3,850 pounds (1,750 kg). The system complements a previously installed Nitrex system that combined Nitreg-C gas nitrocarburizing technology with ONC post-oxidizing technology for processing firearms.

Capable of treating 304-, 316- and 412-grade stainless steels, the new system – with integral process technologies Nitreg-S and Nano-S – optimizes mechanical performance and economic return by making these steels extremely wear and corrosion resistant and capable of achieving a longer useful life.

As part of this order, Voestalpine and Nitrex expanded their cooperation, granting Voestalpine the exclusive rights to commercialize Nitreg-S and Nano-S technologies in the Czech Republic. Under the terms of the license, Nitrex will work closely with Voestalpine to help meet customer demands with research and process development for a variety of applications, materials and markets.

The High Performance Metals Division of Voestalpine Group specializes in high-performance materials and customer-specific services, including heat treatment, surface treatment and additive manufacturing, to the aerospace, automotive, consumer-goods and tooling industries. The company currently operates 12 Nitrex nitriding and nitrocarburizing systems in nine countries.