The ExOne Company is expanding its collaboration with Elnik Systems, a provider of debind and sinter equipment, and DSH Technologies, a provider of debind and sinter process consulting, to improve standardization of sintering for metals 3D printed with binder jetting. The expanded collaboration will focus on improving sintering profiles for metal parts 3D printed on ExOne binder-jetting systems. Standard profiles will be based on metal type and part features, including size, mass and other geometric elements. The companies will also co-develop an easy-to-use interface that will automatically load, or allow a user to select, sintering profiles.

In related news, ExOne and ANSYS entered into a collaboration to develop software that predicts the sintering behavior of binder-jetted metal parts. According to ExOne, the predictive software under development will streamline the process of designing metal parts for binder jetting, which includes the essential final sintering step. A beta software release for 316L stainless steel is targeted for the first quarter of 2020, with modeling software for other materials expected to follow.