Accurate Brazing, based on market feedback, added a second hot isostatic press (HIP) from Quintus Technologies. Both presses are equipped with Quintus’ proprietary uniform rapid cooling (URC) technology, which combines HIP and heat treatment in a single process, and will be installed at Accurate Brazing’s newest facility in Greenville, S.C. The process, called high-pressure heat treatment (HPHT), streamlines the steps involved in material densification and heat treatment. It also enables all processed components to cool uniformly, resulting in minimal thermal distortion and non-uniform grain growth.

Both presses offer a work zone of 26 inches (660 mm) in diameter and 68.9 inches (1,750 mm) in height. They operate at a maximum temperature of 2552°F (1400°C) and a maximum pressure of 30,000 psi (2,070 bar).

According to Accurate Brazing, HPHT allows it to shorten lead times, improve product metallurgy and eliminate additional outside operations.