Novelis Inc. broke ground on a $36 million investment to expand and upgrade recycling capacity at its Greensboro, Ga., facility. The project includes adding state-of-the-art equipment for aluminum scrap recycling, a new baghouse for improved dust mitigation and enhanced designs for safer and more efficient traffic flow. The company expects to complete the project by fall 2021. The investment will expand the company’s capabilities in automotive closed-loop recycling, a process to take aluminum scrap created during stamping and recycle it for new vehicle production. Closing the loop preserves the value of the alloy, reduces cost, minimizes environmental impact and establishes a secure supply chain.

The facility, which opened in 1980 and employs 145, will continue to recycle used beverage cans for the beverage packaging industry. According to Novelis, the investment will enable the company to modernize its capabilities to serve a broader customer base.