L&L Special Furnace Co. Inc. shipped a floor-standing box furnace to a high-tech aerospace and associated components manufacturer located in the southeastern U.S. The furnace, which has a work zone measuring 120 inches wide x 48 inches high x 72 inches deep, will be used for processing aerospace parts and various thermal applications. It has a temperature gradient of ±20°F from 1100-2150°F using eight zones of temperature control with biasing to balance any differential in temperature gradients.

The furnace has special slots that are cut into the door as a pass-through for atmosphere inlet and outlet tubes. This allows for inert atmosphere to flow directly into the manufacturer’s sealed parts manifold and ensures good atmosphere circulation to the parts as they are being processed. The manifolds are supported on a series of castable piers located inside the furnace.

The furnace controller is a Eurotherm Nanodac program control/recorder that has 100 individual programs with up to 25 segments for each program. The furnace also has over-temperature protection with manual reset and backup safety contactors.