Founded in 1978 by William Pociask, P&L Heat Treating and Grinding began operations in a 2,500-square-foot building with only two employees, two austenitizing furnaces, two tempering furnaces and a rotary surface grinder.

The Youngstown, Ohio-based company has come a long way since then.

By 1982 a second building was added to double the size of the company. In 2012, the grinding division was sold so P&L could focus primarily on expanding its heat-treating services. Currently, P&L is 10 times its original size, operating out of a 25,000-square-foot building with 16 employees.

The MTI member now offers full-service heat-treating services, including vacuum, controlled gas nitriding, tempering, normalizing, hardening and stress relieving. P&L serves tool-and-die, aluminum extrusion, roll forming and forge die customers within a 100-mile radius of its operation. ISO 9001 certification was obtained in 2004.

P&L operates nine air convection tempering furnaces, five gas nitriding furnaces, four vacuum furnaces, two endothermic batch furnaces, one vacuum tempering furnace and one cryogenic tank. The largest vacuum furnace measures 40 inches wide x 40 inches high x 60 inches deep with a 5,000-pound capacity; the largest batch furnace measures 48 inches wide x 40 inches high x 80 inches deep. All the gas nitriding furnaces have an 8,000-pound capacity.

In December 2018, P&L was acquired by Thermal Process Holdings (TPH). This investment group has a stated goal to build a diversified, professionally managed thermal-processing business that serves an attractive universe of customers, end markets and geographies. TPH also owns and operates Diamond Heat Treat in Rockford, Ill.; Certified Heat Treating in Springfield, Ohio; and Hudapack Metal Treating in Elkhorn and Franklin, Wis.

P&L’s vacuum processing results in minimal distortion. Alloy steels can be vacuum hardened to maximum hardness without use of oil quenching. Controlled gas nitriding, meanwhile, is performed using state-of-the-art equipment that constantly analyzes the gases, resulting in uniform and consistent case depths. This process has proven to extend the life of extrusion and forging dies.

One thing that sets P&L apart from its competition is location. Strategically situated between Cleveland and Pittsburgh (and with a 100-mile pickup and delivery service), the company is an ideal option for both markets and anywhere in between. P&L also boasts a heat-treat staff with decades of experience and a wide range of metallurgical backgrounds.

P&L is dedicated to continued growth and expansion. In April 2018, the company took delivery of a horizontal high-pressure vacuum furnace that enhanced its production capabilities in the heat treatment of aluminum extrusion dies and forging dies used in the automotive industry and parts for the aviation and nuclear industries. The furnace’s four-zone system of cooling nozzles facilitates precise control of cooling gases into the work zone. This allows optimized positive-pressure quenching of all load sizes by providing a directed gas stream directly where it is needed, which results in uniform hardening of metals and lower gas consumption.

In addition, the company completed a 10,000-square-foot building expansion earlier this year. The new space houses offices and additional furnaces. P&L is also considering adding a metallurgical laboratory to expand its testing and inspection capabilities.

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