Alfa Romeo Racing, operated by Sauber Motorsport AG, selected Quintus Technologies as its hot isostatic pressing (HIP) partner. The Formula One team invested in a press with proprietary URQ technology, which allows heat treatment and cooling to be combined in a single process, known as high-pressure heat treatment (HPHT). HPHT and HIP are used for the consolidation and densification of metal, producing a maximum theoretical density, ductility and fatigue resistance in high-performance materials. This makes it ideal for ultrahigh-performance automotive applications.

The press has a hot work zone of 211 mm (8.3 inches) in diameter x 400 mm (15.7 inches) high, an operating temperature of 2552°F (1400°C) and pressure of 2,070 bar (30,000 psi). Alfa Romeo Racing will be working closely with Quintus in a joint effort to improve material performance.

According to Sauber, the implementation of the HIP process adds massive value in bringing performance to its cars.