Kennametal Inc. formed a 3D-printing materials and production business unit, Kennametal Additive Manufacturing, as part of its Infrastructure segment. Kennametal Additive Manufacturing combines the company’s expertise in materials science and wear-resistant solutions with additive-manufacturing capabilities to supply high-performance metal additive powders and fully finished 3D-printed parts for wear, erosion, corrosion and high-temperature applications. The new business unit is already shipping production parts to customers. These high-performance wear components include parts printed with powders specifically designed and optimized for 3D printing.

Kennametal has been leveraging 3D-printing materials and processes within its existing businesses for some time to manufacture prototype components and cutting tools. The company’s gas-atomization powder production capabilities supply cobalt, nickel and iron powders optimized for specific AM processes. At its R&D, pilot production and prototyping center in Latrobe, Pa., the business utilizes laser-powder-bed and binder-jet-printing technologies combined with post-print processing capabilities, including sintering, hot isostatic pressing and machining, to produce fully finished components.