Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. received an order from Oregon Products to design and commission a continuous mesh-belt austemper heat-treatment system. The high-capacity system integrates a computerized loading system, pre-wash system, atmosphere-controlled mesh-belt austenitizing furnace, molten salt quench conveyor system, post-quench residual salt removal and recycling system, mesh-belt parts drying oven and unloading system. It also includes Can-Eng’s PET system, which provides individual lot/product traceability, detailed process data collection for continuous process improvements and comprehensive Industry 4.0 equipment diagnostics capability. 

Oregon Products manufactures saw chain and other replacement products for the forestry industry. The company plans to use the furnace for its harvester chain products, which perform under the high loads and extreme conditions.

The system is scheduled for commissioning in early 2020.