The Industrial Heating Equipment Association’s (IHEA) Infrared Equipment Division (IRED) completed revisions to its Infrared Process Heating Handbook for Industrial Applications. This introduction to the many applications of infrared heating in industrial processes has been updated to include new technical information, additional application examples and new case studies. Learn how infrared heating has been successfully applied to hundreds of different process heating applications, such as curing metal finishes and protective coatings; fusing thermoset and thermoplastic powder coatings; forming molded plastics; bonding adhesives and metals; drying papers, inks and fabrics; and processing foods.

According to Scott Bishop, IRED chairman, this third edition will include three major updates:

  • Fresh, new case studies and infrared process heating examples categorized by industrial segments
  • A revamped section on controls and how they can be implemented using infrared process heaters
  • Higher-quality pictures and charts/graphs to enhance the reader’s knowledge

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