Quaker Houghton agreed to acquire the operating divisions of Norman Hay plc, a private U.K. company that provides specialty chemicals, operating equipment and services to industrial end markets. Norman Hay serves industries including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and power generation through four divisions: Ultraseal, Sifco ASC, Surface Technology and Norman Hay Engineering.

Ultraseal provides porosity sealants and associated chemistry and equipment for die-cast components; Sifco ASC supplies surface-treatment solutions through selective electroplating and anodizing; Surface Technology provides surface-treatment solutions including coatings, thermal sprays and plating; and Norman Hay Engineering offers design and engineering services that support surface-treatment plants and equipment for the Ultraseal, Sifco ASC and Surface Technology businesses as well as additional third-party industrial engineering applications.

The acquisition is expected to close in October. According to Quaker Houghton, the deal provides a strategic opportunity to take advantage of external market trends such as the lightweighting of vehicles and 3D printing. In addition, Norman Hay’s engineering expertise, which includes robotics applications, strengthens the company’s existing equipment solutions platform.