Lindberg/MPH shipped a four-chamber hot-stamping furnace to the Gestamp Research and Development facility in Auburn Hills, Mich. Gestamp is an international corporation that designs, develops and manufactures metal automotive components. The electrically heated furnace has one stack of three high-heat chambers and one low-heat chamber. The maximum temperature rating of the high-heat chambers is 1922°F (1050°C), and the low heat chamber has a maximum temperature rating of 1004°F (540°C). Each furnace chamber has load space dimensions of 36 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 8 inches high.

The furnace is integrated at the Gestamp facility with a robotic transfer system and hydraulic hot-stamping press. The four chambers operate independently with the top chamber designated for aluminum treatment. This type of system allows the facility to treat different steels simultaneously and takes up a smaller footprint than a continuous system.