Centorr Vacuum Industries announced shipped a Sintervac AM furnace for the debind and sintering of additively manufactured parts to a leading firm in the 3D printing/additive-manufacturing industry. The 2-cubic-foot furnace is rated for operation to 2912°F (1600°C). The graphite furnace design includes robust graphite tube and block elements designed for long service life with a four-sided hot zone and integral graphite retort for excellent temperature uniformity. The retort also compartmentalizes the residual off-gassing from binder-jet materials used during part production, allowing them to be caught in the dual trapping system. The Sweepgas debind system allows for effective sweeping away of the process contaminants. Furnace control is via PLC with Centorr's custom-designed HMI visualization interface.

In related news, Centorr Vacuum Industries added new furnace capability to its Applied Technology Center for customer use for process proofing, toll work and process development runs. The new furnace is based on Centorr’s successful Super VII platform (8”w x 8”h x 20”d useable volume) and will join two smaller System VII furnaces (6”W x 6”h x 15”d), an induction melting furnace and a continuous belt furnace already in use. This newly updated Super VII design allows the processing of a variety of metals, hardmetals, ceramics and carbon/graphite composites. The furnace can be used for low-temperature degassing, heat treating, annealing, brazing and sintering.