What started with one furnace in one plant is now four plants, over 270,000 square feet of space and 64 million pounds of monthly capacity. So is the story of Heat Treating Services Corporation of America (HTS).

Founded in 1978, Pontiac, Mich.-based HTS started out heat treating steering knuckles for Ford. The company expanded over the next decade by installing furnaces to meet specific customer requirements. In 1990, HTS Plant 2 in Waterford, Mich., was purchased. Six years later in October 1996, HTS acquired Plant 3 (also in Pontiac). These three heat-treating facilities combine for over 161,000 square feet.

In 2002, HTS acquired 2.5 acres adjacent to Plant 1. The site was ideal for expanding the company’s scope of value-added operations. Then, in 2005, HTS acquired Trojan Heat Treat in Homer, Mich., which consisted of 50,000 square feet of non-quench heat treating.  The company wasn’t done expanding, though. In 2012, HTS expanded Plant 4 (Trojan) by adding 30,000 square feet.

With 250 employees, HTS serves the automotive, military, mining and agriculture industries. The company provides a wide range of heat-treat and related services on rough castings and forgings, including: oil quench and temper, normalizing, subcritical annealing, isothermal annealing and stress relieving. HTS also has a full-service transportation fleet and can provide microstructure evaluations.

Not only does this MTI member offer thermal processes, it provides cleaning services that will remove rust, discoloration, flash, burrs and any other undesirable surface spots from parts. These include shot blasting, which leaves a decorative finish without compromising the integrity of the part. HTS also has several in-house metallographs and hardness testers to perform measurements and testing services. The company’s metallurgical staff provides 24-hour service to customers.

HTS prides itself on being a proactive and innovative organization committed to world-class quality and on-time delivery. The company embraces its quality systems and has been ISO 9001-certified since July 2006 and is now IATF 16949-certified in 2019. HTS views the IATF and ISO accreditations as a minimum standard of compliance and will continuously seek avenues for improvement in all areas.