Readers periodically write with thoughts about specific articles or columns. We encourage your feedback but understand that everyone is busy, and we do not expect to regularly hear from you.

In lieu of direct and specific feedback, we periodically reach out to readers in the form of surveys. When you receive one of these, please take a few moments to participate. Your voice is important to us.

The most recent survey of this type was conducted earlier this year. It is called the Reader Preference Profile (RPP), and I would like to share some of the results with those of you who take the time to read my column each month. Thank you for your loyal readership.


Reader Interaction, Engagement

An overwhelming majority of readers find Industrial Heating (IH) to be the most useful information publication/resource in our industry. Many of you interact with our publication and other resources (website, newsletters, etc.) regularly. About 25% of you interact with us weekly, and another 55% interact at least monthly (80% total). Fully 85% of you would or do recommend IH to colleagues, and almost 90% have a favorable impression of us. We appreciate your regular and active engagement.

Important attributes to readers are up-to-date features, trustworthiness of content, accessibility, content relevance and industry expertise. In all of these areas, readers felt we delivered these attributes about 85% of the time.



Comparing IH to other industry resources is one way to be certain we are doing the best job. About three quarters of our readers believe that IH is the most useful resource in the industry. In the important areas mentioned previously, respondents felt that IH well exceeded the competition.


Print vs. Digital

The most preferred format for readers is definitely print. This was confirmed through specific questions, and several respondents made written comments about preferring to have the print magazine versus needing to go online for one more thing.

More than 20% of questionnaire respondents prefer to get their information in a digital format, and IH certainly offers this in our digital edition and on our website. We also provide news in newsletter format, which readers find useful. The least useful way to obtain industry information seems to be social media. If you disagree with these survey respondents, you can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Please like/join us on these social-media platforms if you are spending some of your time there.


Influencing Purchases

Manufacturers’ websites are most often used by readers to make purchasing decisions, but print magazines come in second. Our print issues help readers find what they are looking for by pointing them to applicable manufacturer’s websites, so the two are certainly related. Seven of 10 readers rely on marketing messages in IH to help them make purchasing decisions, and 90% take some action as a result of these marketing communications. More than 90% of survey respondents are responsible for at least recommending purchases.


Reader Demographic

Because we qualify our readership as decision makers, the median experience level is 30 years. As a result, more than half are Baby Boomers. A total of 56% of survey respondents have “engineer” in their job titles.

Almost half of respondents work for companies with a revenue of $1 million to $24.9 million, and more than half of their companies have 0-500 employees. The Midwest (Ohio to Nebraska) is home to 42% of those surveyed with the South being the second-most-represented area.



It is fair to say that readers appreciate Industrial Heating and believe we are doing a good job. Can we improve? Of course, and we encourage your thoughts about what we are doing well and how we can do some things better. Drop me a note at anytime with your thoughts.