It doesn’t matter if you’ve been reading Industrial Heating for three decades or three years, there is one thing you should know: July is our annual Buyers Guide issue.

This has been the case for 29 years now. The Buyers Guide was first launched to help our readers make better and more informed purchasing decisions. That is still the case today. We do this by compiling the thermal-processing industry’s leading equipment manufacturers and providing a way for readers to contact them. The issue is designed to provide a simple way to find the product(s) you need.

The Manufacturers Directory provides an alphabetical listing of companies with full contact information. The Products Directory is where you can find the products you need and the companies that provide them. The section is broken down into four main categories for convenience: Furnaces, Ovens & Kilns; Components, Supplies & Materials; Refractories & Insulation; and Controls, Instrumentation & Test Equipment. Begin your product search at our Product Index page, which lists every product and service in the directory by page number. This index is color-coded so that the product categories correspond with the color of the tabs at the top of each page.

The process is simple: find the product you want, go to the page where it’s listed and see a list of companies that offer that product for sale. You can then go back to our Manufacturers Directory to find a particular company’s contact information.

Keep in mind that you can also use our Buyers Guide online. Visit, where you can search for what you need by company, product and/or keyword. Companies can also be search by state. If you’re not sure what you need, you can browse the product categories.

In keeping with the theme of helping our readers, Industrial Heating has been conducting a monthly Economic Indicators survey for 17 years. This study captures four indices: request for quotes, orders, backlog and health of the industry.

The index numbers reflect the changes experienced by responding companies as they compare their business levels from month to month. A number above 50.0 indicates increased activity or growth, and a number below 50.0 indicates decreased activity or a decline in growth. This survey recently had a 24-month growth streak (December 2016-November 2018), which was the longest such stretch since the study began in April 2002. The numbers have all shown increased activity since January 2019, five consecutive months.

If you’d like to learn more about the Economic Indicators, visit If you want to participate in the survey, contact

Whether it’s our annual Buyers Guide or our monthly Economic Indicators, Industrial Heating is trying our best to keep you informed about the industry in an effort to help you make sound business decisions.