Solar Atmospheres of Western PA installed a 14-foot-long car-bottom air furnace that was surveyed in accordance with AMS2750 Rev E and is uniform within ±10°F (Class 2). With a work zone measuring 60 inches wide x 54 inches high x 168 inches long, the furnace will be capable of handling workloads up to 30,000 pounds. A maximum operating temperature of 1400°F allows the furnace to accommodate the tempering of large tool-steel components and the age-hardening processes of nickel-based alloys and precipitation-hardenable stainless steels.

According to Solar Atmospheres of Western PA, the air furnace will be a good complement to its larger counterpart, a recently installed 20-foot-long car-bottom furnace. Expanding its large air furnace capability will enhance the turnaround for raw-material customers and is more cost-effective than processing in a vacuum environment.