Family-owned heat-treatment company GalvanoTechnik of Lombardy, Italy, expanded its portfolio to include Nitreg-controlled nitriding, Nitreg-C nitrocarburizing and ONC in-process oxidation treatments. The company invested in a compact Nitrex system configured to process 23.5-inch-diameter x 35.5-inch-high workloads that weigh up to 1,300 pounds. The system complies with the temperature-uniformity requirements of AMS 2750E and meets the specifications of ASM 2759/10, which make it possible to consistently achieve the required metallurgical and mechanical properties for controlled nitriding.

Six months after the successful installation and start-up of the Nitrex system, GalvanoTechnik is supporting customers in the defense and automotive industries. Applications range from firearms components to automotive components, with recipes tailored to meet the exact requirements of each part.

All control recipes are stored to the Nitrex system process library, and the operator simply selects the process for the specific application. The control system then takes over, automatically monitoring and adjusting parameters such as time, temperature, atmosphere composition and Kn nitriding potential.