As the economy continues to grow over the next 10-15 years, it is important for your heat-treating division to have three key elements:

1.Technically trained line staff

2.Trained managers and supervisors

3.Outsourcing partners to maximize capacity and efficiencies


You need #1 to minimize error rates and the need to micromanage. You need #2 because the top reason employees are leaving companies is a “horrible boss.” With the shortage of labor in the next eight years, you can’t afford to lose your top performers through bad management.

The Metal Treating Institute (MTI) solves #1 and #2 with the best in technical and managerial training at its online training site, You should check it out.

Number 3 is where I want to put focus on growth and expansion. With the heavy cost of internal expansion, it makes a lot of sense for your heat-treating division to partner externally with an MTI commercial heat treater to outsource special projects or to increase capacity.

MTI is a nonprofit trade association with member plants in 40 states and five countries. With over 260 plants, MTI is the largest network of commercial heat treaters in the world serving Fortune 500 manufacturers with every process known to heat treating.

As the world economy grows at record levels over the next 10 years, manufacturers are going to be under pressure to minimize costs and maintain their margins in this ever-changing global economy. But how do you maximize capacity while minimizing costs?

Heat treating is one of the most labor-, energy-, safety- and capital-intensive parts of the manufacturing process. Expanding internally to meet your capacity needs and having to hire new employees in a market where labor is on short supply doesn’t make much sense. Expanding externally with an MTI commercial heat treater is a highly efficient strategy.

Meeting manufacturing’s needs for unique applications and varying demands creates stress on departments and headaches for managers. Having to scramble to find new equipment/labor for special/new applications, acquiring expertise to handle a new requirement, building capacity of the organization that won’t be needed later, or even the stress of an extraordinary amount of overtime for the staff to meet are all difficult.

MTI offers manufacturers a “capacity expansion strategy” that lowers your stress, reduces costs per unit and increases profit margins while keeping quality at very high levels and minimizing errors.

Through expanded capacity, expertise and a focus on quality and service, MTI commercial heat treaters pursue a number of key elements to ensure they are prepared to meet your needs.

  • MTI members have the highest quality standards achieving certifications including ISO 9000, Nadcap, CQI-9, AS9100 and QS9000 to name a few. There is no process or metal that is too challenging for an MTI member.
  • MTI member companies are engaged in one of the top management training programs in all of manufacturing, the YES Management Training Program. Over 400 top managers have graduated from this intense and engaging training program since 2007.
  • MTI member companies are a part of the MTI Online Academy, the industry’s premier online technical training site. Every month, MTI graduates numerous employees from its Qualified Furnace Operator and Heat Treat Specialist Certificate programs.
  • MTI members are committed to offering manufacturers expertise in metallurgy, research and development as well as line personnel.
  • MTI members put a high emphasis on safety for the entire plant operations.


Don’t let economic growth run your operation into the ground for lack of capacity. It’s time to take a fresh new look at outsourcing. It’s simple … partner with an MTI member commercial heat treater. For more information on the MTI network of commercial heat treaters, visit our outsourcing website at