The AV450 Automatic Vision System allows users to cost-effectively achieve high throughput in their inspection process. It is ideal for both repetitive, larger part-run applications and routine quality assurance. Featuring a larger X, Y, Z measuring envelope of 18 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches, the AV450 has high-resolution video zoom optics and can be pre-programmed (CNC) for repetitive part inspection or driven manually via a trackball for individual measurements. Throughput is enhanced by either QC5000 or MetLogix M3 software that controls video edge detection and multiple-channel fiber optic or LED illumination. The AV450 has an external motion control unit and includes a Windows-based operating system with an operator interface via desktop PC with a 24-inch touchscreen monitor and Wi-Fi network connectivity. CAD files can be imported/exported, and reports can be generated and archived.