SMS group received a contract from Chinese steel and forging company Daye Special Steel Co. Ltd. for the engineering and delivery of a high-speed hydraulic open-die forging press. The press operates with a forging force of up to 50 MN and an upsetting force of 60 MN. The high forging frequency of the press enables sophisticated materials requiring a narrow temperature range to be forged and reduces machining times. Daye Special Steel plans to use the press, which will be installed in its Huangshi plant, to forge a variety of products of high-temperature alloys and special steel. Commissioning is scheduled for May 2020.

In related news, SMS group received an order from Dongfeng Forging Co., part of commercial vehicle manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Group, for the supply of an eccentric forging press with a forging force of 5,000 tons for its plant in Shiyan, Hubei Province, China. Dongfeng Forging, which operates a total of 26 forging lines at this site, intends to use the new forging press to manufacture light-truck crankshafts with a maximum finished part weight of 47 pounds (21.5 kg). The closed-die press will forge parts fully automatically with a nominal forging force of 50 MN. Commissioning is scheduled for the second quarter of 2020.