Lindberg/MPH shipped a 2192°F (1200°C) crucible furnace to a company in the energy industry. The furnace can be used for a number of applications and processes, including annealing, ashing, carbon firing, ceramic firing, hardening, melting, metallizing, normalizing, sintering, solution treating and stress relieving. Efficient heating-element design, high-temperature graded insulation and advanced temperature controls combine to deliver dependable, long-life heat sources. The furnace has work-chamber dimensions of 12-inch top opening ID x 18-inch chamber depth.

In other news, Lindberg/MPH shipped an aluminum melting and holding furnace that will be used in the production of aluminum powder. It was designed with an aluminum melt rate of 3,000 pounds per hour and the capacity to hold up to 40,000 pounds of aluminum. The furnace will be loaded with aluminum across a preheat hearth prior to being pushed into the molten aluminum bath. An exterior discharge well and working tap are included with the furnace as a means of aluminum removal. The equipment also features a circulation well for improved temperature and alloy uniformity.