Lindberg/MPH shipped an industrial box furnace to the technology industry, where it will be used for multiple applications, including annealing, austempering, brazing, preheating and solution treating. The Treet-All furnace, which has a maximum temperature rating of 2050°F, has work-chamber dimensions of 12 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 12 inches high. It meets and exceeds industry standards for heat-up rates and outer shell temperatures.

Lindberg/MPH shipped a second Treet-All to a battery manufacturing company based in Japan. The maximum temperature rating is 2050°F, and it has work-chamber dimensions of 18 inches wide x 36 inches deep x 18 inches high. The furnace is suited for annealing, austempering, brazing, preheating, solution treating, stress relieving and normalizing.

Part of Lindberg/MPH’s modular, stackable and space-saving line of box furnaces, Treet-All is suited for use in tool-room, plant-maintenance and production applications that require maximum heat-treating capabilities in a minimum amount of space. It also offers full access to the work chamber, minimum heating of the outer skin and product load protection.